digital signage, in the cloud

always on, always up to date

no pc required

Cloud Based

keetye is cloud based. Updating content has never been easier than logging into our website from your phone, tablet, or laptop.

Data Driven

Text, including price fields or menu descriptions are easily changed online without editing your template or involving a designer.

Wireless Capable

There is no need to run new network wiring where you have available wifi. Keetye will even continue playing offline if your connection is lost.

Multiple Sites

keetye was designed specifically for the needs of a national chain. This means whether you have one store or one thousand, you can manage them all.

SSI also sells Point of Sale and Enterprise Software


update content without a designer
Control your content with keetye.

keetye is cloud based digital signage built to simplify management of your content. Designed with the needs of a national brand at the forefront, keetye can be used to manage one sign, or one thousand. keetye boasts an item database for digital signage to control content by grouping as well as at the store level. This means you can change the price of a soft drink at one store, or one thousand stores without involving a designer or changing your template files. keetye is made to empower your signage to be as flexible as your business. Managing daily specials, menu changes, price changes, or seasonal specials from anywhere in the world allows you to focus on your business.

  • Keetye can support landscape or portrait designs. No matter what your design team can dream up, we can support, display, and control it.

  • If you have a data source that you want to tie into your digital signage, we can work with you to feed it to keetye. We can work with you to access and normalize data in actionable signage throughout your business.

  • Feel comfortable that your displays will play at as high a quality as you have come to expect from your HDTV at home.

  • Keetye is built and supported by Systems Services, Inc. in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. While we will continue to add tools so you can "self help" we also believe in answering the telephone when our customers need us.

Player Options

keetye is cool, he doesn't force you to use only one type of player.


Samsung SMART Signage

Sony Bravia Pro

Chrome for Windows

Pre-Configured Templates help you to get your signs on fast


simple pricing, change at any time.