June 25, 2015



keetye is a next generation digital signage application. In the past, digital signage players were limited to just a few, very costly options. Today, nearly any web enabled device can be used to display dynamic, and graphic rich content.

In general, the technology can be broken down into two models. The premier model is the embedded player inside of a business class display. keetye is integrated to stream directly to these displays which limits both the number of devices, and the points of failure possible to one. Fewer wires, and less power is always better. The secondary model would be to attach a player device to the back of any TV. This model has inherit benefits as well in that you can use any TV available. keetye has a google chrome app that can be installed on a Chromebox or a Windows PC.

To date, we have certified the following devices for use with keetye digital signage. If you have a preferred player method that you do not see, please contact us and we will work to certify it quickly.

Embedded Screens – Fewer Points of Failure

3Sony BRAVIA Professional Displays 


Samsung SMART Signage Platform

External Players – Use Any TV



Chrome for Windows