July 2, 2015

Services List

For customers who choose one of our pre-defined templates, we will localize your content for a flat fee (see below). Each additional revision of the same template is charged at a reduced rate. Our templates are classified based on their complexity and the amount of localization required to re-deploy in your environment.

Template TypePictures in TemplateAdd Your LogoAnimatedFeeEach Additional
Menuboardnoyeslimited or none$100.00$50.00
Promoyesyeslimited or none$50.00$25.00

For example, if you choose one of our chalkboard templates and want to use two displays in your site, the first localization fee would be $150, and $50 for the second one. In most cases, the second display will have mostly similar but some slight changes as you will have different items on each display.

Localization includes:

+ Adding your logo
+ Adding your pictures
+ Adding your items
+ Adding your content or other media
+ Changing colors to match your brand

Localization does not include:

- Changes in animation
- Changes in the overall layout (adding columns, etc.)

For customers who have brand specific ideas, our team of designers can create and deploy a built from scratch template. Pricing is based on scope of work and is billed on an hourly basis.

Customers who deliver complete designs (HTML Preferred) can have our DataSign features built into their templates for $10/ field.

We're happy to hear your ideas for a great design and provide a free quote to bring your ideas to life.

Phone Support and Training is included in both our Data-Sign and Data-Sign PRO subscription levels.

Support can be reached at (225)769-5757

We are working all the time to identify and certify different hardware display solutions to work with keetye. If you have existing hardware that you want to use that is not already on our players list, we will certify it for free.

Customer is responsible for shipping (both ways) the hardware to our offices for testing and evaluating. We will return it to you as soon as we can determine our ability to support the hardware with instructions on how to do so.